About TreesPlease

Our Vision
Achieve a healthier and greener Annex community, optimize the multiple social,
ecological and economic benefits of trees to the neighbourhood and become a
model for other neighbourhoods.

Our Goal
Maintain, replenish and increase both the tree canopy and tree diversity in the
Annex, through community engagement, thereby maximizing the health, social,
economic and ecological benefits of our urban forest.

Our Objectives
1. Establish a sub-committee of the Annex Residents' Association (ARA) Parks
and Trees Committee to develop a plan to achieve the goal.
2. Align the sub-committee’s objectives with the City of Toronto's urban forest
3. Develop a funding plan.
4. Actively involve community participation.
5. Develop a tree stewardship programme
6. Support the inclusion of Heritage tree designations in the Heritage Act

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