Monday, April 2, 2012

New amazing TreesPlease Volunteer Opportunities

Public Education Volunteer: Passionate about your community? Enjoy meeting new people? Our Public EducationVolunteers provide information and education to residents of the Annex regarding TreePlease initiatives and activities. We attend various community events, distribute informative materials in the community, and gain permission from homeowners to access their property for purposes of our tree inventory. 

Tree Inventory Volunteer: Passionate about your community? Enjoy spending time outdoors? Our Tree Inventory Volunteers assist our staff to identify, map the location and record pertinent information of trees throughout the Annex neighborhood. You will also assist in providing information to residents regarding the trees within their property lines.
Volunteer hours are flexible with shifts available during both day and evening hours as well as weekends depending on your availability. This project runs from mid-May until the end of July.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please email for further information.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

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About TreesPlease

Who are we?
TreesPlease is a volunteer-driven community-based initiative of the Annex Residents' Association (ARA) Parks and Trees Committee. The Annex is a densely-populated neighbourhood of 15,602 (2006) residents who live in the area from Bathurst Street to the west, to the north side of Dupont Street, along Avenue Road to the east and Bloor Street West to the south.

History & Project
TreesPlease was established in the Fall of 2010, with growing awareness in the community that the neighbourhood had lost and was continuing to lose much of its tree canopy. Many of these trees had been planted well on a century ago, and are coming to the end of their lifespan. To enhance the health, environmental and energy benefits of the tree canopy, TreesPlease undertook a four-year (2011-2014) survey of the neighbourhood’s entire tree canopy coverage, as a basis for planning and encouraging tree canopy health and diversity.
 Spadina at Lowther looking North, 1949
Our Vision
Achieve a healthier and greener Annex community, optimize the multiple social, ecological and economic benefits of trees to the neighbourhood and become a model for other neighbourhoods.

Our Goal
Maintain, replenish and increase both the tree canopy and tree diversity in the Annex, through community engagement, thereby maximizing the health, social, economic and ecological benefits of our urban forest.